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About Me


My journey with health fitness started in my late teens. After the loss of both my parents at a very young age I had developed an unhealthy relationship food. I basically ate what I wanted which when you are a child is mostly sweets, chocolate and fast food. I became over weight and very uncomfortable with my appearance. I was lucky enough to find a local trainer who started me on my journey of learning how to eat well and exercise.

After University I decide to take fitness on as fulltime career as I wanted to follow my passion. But with all journeys you take it hasn’t being a smooth one. I got into the bodybuilding crazy and there I started an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. I would have weight rebounds, binge eat, be desperately unhappy, cry and feel like a failure. I looked like I was fit and healthy but I was incredibly unhappy and lonely. At my lowest point I was depressed, I put on two and a half stone, my hormones were fighting back at me, I had a face full of breakouts and I didn’t want to leave the house. I thought there has to be a way I can get to a weight I’m comfortable with and still be able to eat with my friends, family and enjoy life.

This is why I wanted to find a system of training, nutrition and wellbeing that naturally becomes a lifestyle. I have being through that weightloss journey, overcoming bad habits and battling with those inner thoughts of ‘I can’t do this’. Through studing and my own exprience. The training I deliver is based around functional fitness, nourishing your body and empowering yourself to take control. The sessions use movements that use mutiple muscle groups at the same time to help improve your physical fitness such as strength, endurance, stability, flexiability and mobility. It is a training style that is for everbody regardless of age or gender, its about training for healthy productive life. The sessions can be done anywhere and anytime and this is why I can be mobile and the gym can come to you.


Fat Loss

Pre and Post Natal Exercise Training

Weight Management

Mental Wellbeing Support

Strength and Conditioning

My Qualifications

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Advanced Nutrition and Weight Management Diploma

Pre and Postnatal Exercise Planning

NLP Coaching (ongoing)

Mental Health Awareness

Kettlebell Instructing

Strength and Conditioning

First Aid