As a Coach it would seem a strange thing for me to say but I want to hear your failures. Trust me I want to hear how many times you have failed, because failure does not mean that you have done something wrong. Failure is simply the concept that you have found something that does not work for you.

I have failed on my journey more times than I can count. Do you remember the cabbage soup diet? Well when I was 18 I tried it. All I ate was cabbage soup 5 times a day and drank 4 litres of water a day. I ate cabbage soup until I could taste metal in my mouth I dropped ten pounds, but I couldn’t muster a smile, I felt sick and dizzy when I stood up too quick all I could think about was food day every minute of the day.

I have tried slimming tablets. The ones that don’t let your body absorb fat. I did not understand which foods were high in fat and which weren’t at the time. So there I was in London on Oxford street in a café eating my croissant as I thought it would be a good breakfast at the time. I decide I would treat myself to a gorgeous cream doughnut. This was not a good idea as my stomach started to rumble and I felt like there was a vocano about to erupt in my rectum. I had to squeeze my butt cheeks run to a toilet and you guessed it, I didn’t quite make it.

I tried Juicing. I thought if its good enough for the supermodels I have read about out there. It’s good enough for me. So it was juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you guessed it, juice for a snack. After 4 days of juicing I was running through McDonalds like a tornado devouring everything on sight.

So what I want to say is embrace the failures you have had, apply what you have learnt when you do start a lifestyle change as this gives you a great base to start from.From my failures I learnt so much and it took me on journey of understanding how to nourish body, how to exercise and how to approach my goals correctly.

“Get mobile, keep training”