It has taken me a lot of years of trying various exercises to accept my legs. Everybody has different body parts the loath and for me it is my legs. I just could not accept them.

I always longed for slimmer legs and when ever I started an exercise programme that would be the target. I would be super hopefully and say to myself “this time I will lose at least and inch off my legs”. Then the fasted cardio would start or the long 10k runs, I would be on the no squat rule and then it would go to I’m not training legs at all. Then the usual frustration would kick in as I was not seeing the results I wanted and I would end up not seeing the programme through, and I would be back at square one.

So what changed? My mindset changed and how I approached my training is what changed. I accepted that my legs will be always be very muscular part of my body. I didn’t have to love them, shout to the to the world or to myself that I loved my legs, I had to accept that this was my body shape and if I wanted to be healthy I would have to accept them. I could try and change them with the no carb, high protein diet with endless hours of cardio but that is not the way I wanted to live my life and I simply could not maintain that diet and exercise regime.In the world of insta bodies, competition bodies, rock hard abs, thighs with 3 inch gaps, butt cheeks you can break coconuts on, we forgot why exercise is essential. It’s there to keep us healthy.

The benefits to our physical and mental health are endless.When I start any exercise programme, I now look at what are the benefits to my health. How will my physical health improve from this programme. Once I changed my mindset I became consistent with my training. Each 6, 9, 12 week programme was completed consistently, there was no longer the frustration that led me to quit previously, as I focused on the importance of what I was doing and goals such as better strength, mobility, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The byproduct of this was that I got into the best maintainable shape I had ever being in and created healthy lifestyle habits.

When I started Mobile Lifestyle Fitness I wanted the emphasis to be on the health benefits and improving my clients lifestyle habits. It’s about maintaining and creating a consistent healthy lifestyle in all aspect of your life. So the the next time you start a programme just see it through, you will be amazed at the results you get and what you will learn just from being committed to it.